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At a very young age in the quest for Indian Dance she found her inspiration in renowned dance exponent Dr. Sobha Naidu. Her passion for the art continued through her learning years and she completed the course of study “Natya Visarada” – at Kuchipudi Art Academy, Hyderabad, India. Under the guidance of her guru Lakshmi began a career as a dance instructor and established the Kuchipudi Dance Academy, in 1996. Today, the academy is a well-established institute that attracts young and adult aspiring dancers, and is known to be a popular dance school in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Known to be gifted with a soft hearted, kind and generous nature she walks hand in hand and leads the students on their journey to discover and experience the graceful movements, intricate footwork, complicated rhythmic patterns, beautiful facial expressions and the rapid tempo of the Kuchipudi Dance form.


Teacher – Lakshmi Babu

Shri Vishwayogi Viswamiji of Vishwayogi Viswamiji foundation for Integration and Peace awarded her the title ‘Nava Natya Kala Vibhushani’, during Guru Poornima celebration at Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Washington DC, in 2001. She was also awarded the Teacher Recognition Certificate by the National Foundation for the advancement in the Arts (USA) 2004-05 Arts Recognition and Talent Search Program. Playing an active role in the Washington DC area cultural and community events Lakshmi has been associated with voluntary positions at various socio-cultural Organizations. She is the founding member of the Capitol Area Telugu Cultural Society (CATS) and served as the Executive Director of Cultural affairs during the first years. She has been an active member of the Indian Dance Educators Association (IDEA), Washington DC area, since 1993 and Cultural Director an member of the board at GWTCS for more than a decade in the past.



By staging various solo performances and dance drama productions along with students, impressing the knowledgeable audience and bringing about curiosity to the lay audience Lakshmi has made several contributions to the Kuchipudi Art Form.

Productions and Choreographies of Guru Dr. Sobha Naidu such as Sri Krishna Parijatham 1996, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Chandalika 1997, 1999, 2005, 2006, 2011 Puttadibomma Poornamma 1998, Menaka Vishwamitra 2002 and 2003, Kalyana Srinivasam 2004, 2010,2011 Navarasa Natabhamii 2009, 2010,2011,2014 have been staged with success. Ugadi Vaibhavamu 2010 and Deepavali 2010, The Rise 2014, Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet 2013 and 2014 are her own choreographic successes.

Organizing the 1996, 2007, 2012 performing tour in USA for her guru and group from India was well appreciated.


Contribution to Kuchipudi Dance form

Lakshmi has performed and participated at events sponsored by US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, US Army Research Laboratory, US Dept of Transportation, US FDA, USPTO, National 4H Council, National Institutes of Health, India Fest-Norfolk VA, Karuna Charities, National Cathedral School, New York Life Insurance Company, Residence of Ambassador of India, Embassy of India, Department of Health and Human Services, US Coast Guard, Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Durga Mandir, Murugan Temple of North America, University of MD, India Association of Greater Charleston, Telugu Literary Association of NY, Arts Drama Therapy Institute, Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Society, AID India, National Cherry Blossom Festival, NYC10, Strathmore Hall, Wolf Trap Foundation for the performing Arts, National Geographic – Geography Bee, NFIA, India Cultural Coordination Committee, Silicon Andhra San Francisco, America Telugu Association (ATA), Telugu Association of North America (TANA), ETA and Indian Dance Educators Association (IDEA), Annamayya Festival Birmingham UK, Telugu Association of Sydney, Telugu Association Melbourne to name a few.

AT the academy apart from regular class instruction, workshops and intensive training sessions have been conducted by visiting artists – Sri. Vempati Ravishankar, Sri. Vedantam Raghava, Sri. Kishore Mosalikanti, Smt. Sujatha Murthy, Smt. Krishna Bharathi, Smt. Veena Murthy, Smt. Vanaja Dasika, Smt. Janaki Rangarajan and Smt. Manju Bhargavee.


Stage Shows & Productions

So far she has conducted 18 Rangapravesams/student solo debut performances. 3 more scheduled for 2015.

Lakshmi Babu continues to be inspired by her gurus, by her own students and by the extraordinary support offered by the members of her family.

My life has been blessed with the good fortune that came my way in the
form of KUCHIPUDI.My respects to all pioneers of this art form   


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