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Welcome to KDA

Kuchipudi Dance Academy was founded by Lakshmi Babu in the year 1996. Kuchipudi the Indian classical dance style of classes are taught to students who enroll at one of the four studios spread around the DC Metro area. Classes are offered on weekdays and weekends in group and solo instruction. At enrollment students are enrolled into the beginner level class and guided through an organized curriculum over 12 levels of learning. At the culmination of the years of learning, the students are presented before a knowledgeable audience in a full-length solo debut performance called the Rangapravesam.

Lakshmi Babu is a Kuchipudi dancer, founder, and director of Kuchipudi Dance Academy, Maryland in USA. In 1996, under the guidance of guru Padmashri Dr. Sobha Naidu, she established the Kuchipudi Dance Academy. The Academy is currently in its 25th year. Since COVID-19, the Academy has successfully transitioned to virtual learning. Initiatives like ‘Adopt an Artist’, ‘Teaching Series’, ‘Virtual Programming’ have been initiated to provide funding, teaching, and performing opportunities to seeking artists especially during this time.

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Classes We Offer

Learn with us from beginner level through level 12. Students of all ages are welcome.

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Classes for ages 3-5


Classes for ages 5 and up


Classes for adults


Our Dance Instructors

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Lakshmi Babu

Advanced & Solo Class Instructor 
All Locations

Bindu Bollam

Bindu Bollam

Branch Instructor
Ellicott City, MD


Neelima Brahmandam

Beginner's Class Instructor
Germantown, MD


Reji Kartholy

Practice Class Instructor
Virtual Learning


Padmini Nidumolu

Beginner's Class Instructor
Herndon, VA

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Sowmya Srikant

Practice Class Instructor
Clarksburg, MD


Sahiti Nadimpalli

Student Instructor
Virtual Learning


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